Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of Month Reports 7-31-13

Let's start with Lovely Year of Finishes 
Once again I did not finish the BQ quilt I have been trying to get done. So once again I will list that as my to do item for August. If I don't get something finished on any of my lists I will roll it over to the following month. Maybe that will shame push me to get it done.

Here's the link for August

Next we will report on Judy L's Get It Done.
I had listed:
            1. the BQ quilt (once again) not done
            2. Quest for a Cure-done and delivered to Dr.'s
            3. Paws To Sew Sampler-not done
            4. Barns-not done
To view pics on these projects go here.
New projects for this month are:
            1. BQ (eventually this WILL be done)
            2. Paws To Sew Sampler
            3. Barns
            4. Basket Case Quilt (view pic here)

Next up is the New FO Challenge
This is what I want to work on this month.

These were blocks that I actually won at a retreat and they have been put away since then. I need to get these done. Maybe. But I will start on them at least.

That's it for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. That's beautiful. Great fabric choices. Love your BQ too. Those BQ patterns are great.

  2. Everything has it's time, don't rush it - it will come to be.