Monday, September 30, 2013

September End of Month Reports

Let's see now. We'll start with Design Wall Monday. Visit Judy L's blog to see other projects.

This is still on the design wall, but I have managed to sew 4 rows together. Slow but steady progress.




Next I'll post New FO at Cat Patches for this month.
I saw this at Crazy Old Ladies blog and fell in love with it sooooooo, even though I said (ages ago), NO MORE HEXIES!!!! Guess what I started.

I guess you should never say never :-).

Next up is LYOF.
Sad to say---I didn't get this one done. I guess I'll have to carry it over to next month.

Next we will go back to Judy at Patchwork Times for Get It Done.

My list for last month is as follows.
1. PTS Sampler BOM-DONE!!!


2. Idaho Blocks-flimsy--needs borders.

3. Add borders to Easy Street-not done.
4. Batik sweatshirt-not done.

So for October Get It Done my projects will be:
1. Borders on Easy Street
2. Batik sweatshirt
3. Borders on Idaho blocks
4. Borders on Chinese Coins (aka Jelly Roll Jam Gone Wrong-more on that done further in post).

Now for Nothing But UFO's
1. Frog Work-not done
2. Batik sweatshirt-not done
3. Idaho Blocks-flimsy (see above)
For next month I'm going to carry these same things forward. I still need borders on Idaho blocks and then hope to get it quilted and bound.

Last but not least is 2013 Finish A Long.
1. Quest for a Cure Quilt-Done and delivered to Dr.'s office.

2. Barns-flimsy

3. Paint Chip Challenge-Done!

4. Lorelei's Cats- not done
5. Pinwheel Blocks- not done (side note-these won't be done foe awhile because they were made by many different members in a guild so they are not all the same size. Unfortunatelt I have to redo many of them to be able to piece this together).
 I will post new my new F-A-L's after the close of this one. Around Oct. 8th.

Now for the story on the coins quilt. This actually started out as the pattern Jelly Roll Jam (free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop). I in my wisdom, instead of doing the 2 small quilts from the pattern, decided to make just one lap size. When you make the blocks and put the rows together you turn one of the blocks like you're making a rail fence. Guess what I forgot to do? :-(.

Oh well--do you think anyone will guess? Just goes to show what happens when you get in a hurry and think you know it all (LOL).

That's it for this post.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Progress Weeks 3 & 4

Well it's been a while since I've posted. The last 2 weeks I really haven't accomplished as much as I've wanted to. Here goes----
Week 3
Didn't do my walking DVD all week long.
Sunday quilted a client quilt. Monday was out at the LQS for the Marti & Me classes. Tuesday was house cleaning day and I loaded a client quilt. Wednesday changed out summer table dec to autumn. Decided I needed another runner for the buffet so whipped out a 10 minute tablerunner for that. Also sewed 2 rows of the D9P.Thursday was the quilting meeting for Paws to Sew group that meets at my house. Friday I quilted the quilt I had loaded on the long-arm. That brings us to Saturday and I had a Beginning Quilting class at the LQS.
Her's a pic of the quilt I did.

Week 4
Sunday Quilted client quilt. Monday at LQS for Marti & Me Club classes. Tuesday did my 1 mile DVD walk. Did the Jelly Roll Jam top (you originally get two 36" square baby quilts from 1 jelly roll, but I combined them) and 2 rows of the D9P. Wednesday I did DVD, loaded a client quilt and got it halfway quilted, cut up some of my scraps into strip and squares. Thursday I did DVD, planted some bulbs and cleaned up some in my garden area. I also did some cutting for making some inventory for the shows I vend at. Friday. Finished client quilt and then pieced a backing for another client quilt, and loaded it and started quilting it. Saturday (today) I was back at the LQS for the last Beginning Quilt class.

That's about it. Not really a lot of quilting going on (for me personally). Oh yeah---I just remembered---I did get to make about 6 more string blocks on my treadle.

This next week I really have to put my nose to the grindstone and get some quilts done as I am getting more in for Christmas delivery.

I hope your week has gone well and you've been able to get some quality quilty time in.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Progress for September Week 2

Well didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to. Part of it was due to poor DH's luck in the automotive dept. His Explorer's transmission went out, and then on the same day the hydraulics(?) went out on the motorcycle. That left just my van for both of us. Oh well. We managed to muddle through it.
So anywho----here is what I did accomplish-
Monday through Friday I did do my 1 mile walk video.
I got all my D9P blocks made and on the design wall waiting to be sewn together.
Linking this up to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.

I finished embroidering one of the Catalicious blocks from Red Brolly.

Finished making my postcards for an exchange in my postcard group.

Did some cleaning in a section of the "black hole".
Quilted 2 client quilts.
Taught Part 2 of Beginning Quilting at LQS on Saturday.
Besides running some errands and a haircut, that's about it for the week.

Tomorrow back out to the LQS to start up a new "club". From Marti & Me uses Marti Michell templates and gives you a new pattern every month. I'll be doing 2 of those classes and an Open Sew, so that will take care of my day until 5PM.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look what I WON!!!!

This last month for A Lovely Year of Finishes I was in the drawing and I WON!!!
I received my prize today and just had to share.

A Riley Blake fat quarter stack. Isn't this scrumptious??????
Thank you Shanna & Melissa!!! And another thank you for helping keep me on track to finish some of my UFO's.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Progress Week 1

Thought I'd post some of the things I've been working on so far.

 The top pic is the Idaho Blocks I won a couple of years ago. I have them all pieced together, now I need to add borders.

This one is the PTS BOM that we did approximately 4-6 years ago. (My memory fails me.) I have it all quilted, bound and labeled.

These are some of the string blocks I've been sewing on my treadle that I got a couple of months ago.
Here's the post when I got it.

This week I've also done my mile DVD walk 4 mornings (I was bad. I didn't do it this morning.) I have also gotten quite a bit done on my postcards for an exchange group. I only have to do the edgings and address them. Oh yeah. I've also done a few more blocks on the D9P that I posted for Design Wall Monday.

Now it's back to quilting on some clients quilts.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Word on Comments

I have been replying to comments on my post here on the blog. I have not had any notification of e-mails in my g mail account since I started this blog. WELLLLLLLLL--today, I hooked up my G-Mail to my iPad and guess what?????? All my e-mails have shown up on my iPad. Imagine that :-).  I guess now I can reply to e-mails. AHHHHH technology.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Monday, September 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This is what I'm working on this week. It is the charm packs that I am using to make a D9P for a charity quilt.

Hooking up to Judy's here.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Labor Day Yard Sale

Here's my line up for the sale.
Shipping is $3.00 per book (if more than 1 book $1.50 for each additional book).
Send me an e-mail ( and I will send you an invoice thru PayPal.
Hooking up with Bonnie Here.

Update: I have listed more books in my Etsy Store. They are listed in the From My Stash section here.





$2.00 shipping on this is also $2.00


$7.00 Sold

That's the list for now. Check back later to see if I have added any more.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,


Sunday, September 1, 2013

September LYOF

This will be my goal this month for Lovely Year of Finishes.

I hope to get this quilted and bound by the end of the month.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

I Finally Did It

I finally took the plunge and opened an Esty Shop. I have spent the day taking pics and posting things to the shop. I do have some books listed and ready for Bonnie's (Quiltville) swap meet being posted in the morning. The name of the shop is TostysQuilting. If you type that in it should take you to my shop. I still have a ton of stuff to list, but, I have to get more pics taken.

As for my progress report of this last week, I must say I didn't get everything accomplished I wanted to. Here goes:
Monday- 1 mile walk (DVD), cleaned upper shelves and stuff left out from day before (trying to organize sewing room and pitch un-needed things), made pillowcase, started on getting things done for the postcard swap I'm in, loaded PTS Sampler on longarm.
Tuesday- 1 mile walk (DVD) Finished kimono part of postcards, 3 rows squared up and sewed together on the blocks from Idaho (top is put together and waiting for final borders), started quilting on PTS Sampler (about 1/4 done).
Wednesday- 1 mile walk (DVD)
Friday- 1 mile walk (DVD) quilted a little on PTS Sampler (til DS got here) (about 1/2 done).
Saturday-nada in the sewing room. Went to car show with DH

Oh well. It's back to the salt mines tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,