Friday, January 31, 2014

January New FO

This is what I started this month.


This will eventually become a quilt for my Dr's.  office for chemo patients. It was a Thangles program where you would pick up packets each month and you would make 12- 4" blocks from the pack. I have a few packs that I never got around to -- so now is a good time to start. This is the year of finishing, clearing and accomplishing.
One other thing I did start (unfortunately did not complete---but there's next month). This is my January Goal Project.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ocean Retreat

Here are some pics from the retreat I did this past weekend. I know it say Ocean Retreat, but unfortunately I didn't go anywhere near the ocean. I stayed inside sewing.
To start----Our side trip to the store in Elma and my downfall :-(.

These are the fabrics I want to use for the April retreat class.

   This one I will make a second sample from.
These next 3 are going to be used for do-rags.

The following pics are the room we had to sew in. No one wanted to be in the pics, so I went in early in the morning before anyone else got there to take these.

I did manage to get 13 Reach for a Cure totes completed. My Frog Work is now a flimsy. I made 4 Tomorrow's Promise BOM blocks (sample for LQS), and 6 Moth in the Window blocks. Also pressed and de-papered Thangles blocks for a charity quilt.
Here is the Frog Work.
I think I got enough accomplished in 4 days.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stash Report 1-27-14

Boy I really blew it this weekend. I went to a quilt retreat at the ocean. On the way there we stopped at a store in Elma. Now, this is not a regular quilt shop. It is a variety store (much like the old fashioned 5 & Dime stores of old). I has an outrageous fabric department. I ended up buying fabric (imagine that!!!!). Now, I can justify the purchases (LOL). I did need to get fabric for the class I will be teaching at the April retreat that I attend. I have the plan for the project but not the right kind of fabric. Our theme this year is Piece, Love & Quilting (with a 60's theme). I did not have the right colors. I did find what I needed at this store. I will post pics in my next post, as I haven't unpacked from the retreat yet. I REALLY needed to sleep in this morning, so I've gotten a slow start to the day.
That said here is the stash report.
     Fabric added this week:  13 yards
     Fabric added YTD:  13 yards
     Fabric used this week:  7 yds.
     Fabric used YTD:  28 yards
     Fabric used/added:   15 yds.

The fabric used this week was for Reach for a Cure totes and a Thangles project.
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That's it for now. I'm spending some time this morning blog hopping on the Grow Your Blog Party. If you have some time check it out. You can find the link to it on my side bar.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party

This post is for the Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full.

                                                       2 Bags Full

I will start out by saying a little bit about myself for those first time visitors.
My name is Mary Kunna and I live in Washington State. I started this blog to chronicle some of my day to day adventures in quilting and life in general. I also did this so I could half way keep up some of the (to me) new ways or changes in this lovely world of the internet. After all, I am a baby boomer and sometimes am a little resistant to change :-).

My passion is quilting. I used to do other crafts such as crocheting, very amateurish tole painting , general crafties and beading. I had tried (back in the 70's) to do a little quilting, but started with grand plans (and a big project) and didn't have the patience to stick with it. In 1990 I was re-introduced to quilting and that was it. I fell in love with it. Since then it has gone from hobby to business. I do long-arm quilting for people, pattern design, teach quilting classes, vend at quilt shows and have done some commission quilts. Please visit some of my other pages and check out some of the quilts I have done. Oh yeah, BTW my other passion is collecting sewing machines. What can I say.

Since this is a party, let's celebrate with a little give-away. Also, since this is a quilting blog, what better thing to give away but a quilting book.

Hobo Quilts Book

A friend of mine loaned me her copy of this book quite a while back, and I got sooo caught up in reading the stories of the hobos way of life I had to get my own copy. The stories are so interesting and tell you how they had their own type of "sign" language to tell others if there was a place where they could get food or shelter. Also, if there were things they had to watch for.

There are several blocks that are on my "to do" list.
When this posts I will be away at - what else - a quilting retreat. When I return, I will draw the winner on the 27th of January. Correction:  The date I will draw for a winner is February 15th. Still plenty of time to leave a comment and get in the drawing.

I will link up to Vicki's blog. Go check out other new blogs and see what everyone is up to.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog and thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress 1-12 thru 1-18

Not too much to report this week.

Still cleaning up on the two bedrooms (all done now). A meeting this week of the quilting group that meets at my house once a month (that shoots a day for getting in the sewing room). Had to take DS to the airport. Spent all day at the LQS on Monday for the Marti & Me Club.

I did manage to walk 3 times this week (2 miles each). I even got DH to go walking with me on one of the days. We went and got his card (needed to get into the mall early) so he will be walking with me some of the times I go.

On the sewing front I did start a new project for a Thangles project. The pic will be posted later in the month for the New FO at Cat Patches. I also got a chance to play with a friend of mine on Saturday. We played around with shaving crème and inks. Here's a few pics of what we did.

Of course I had to make some with Seahawks colors.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

Also, in some of my cleaning up I found these parts of a project to be finished----

This was actually left over from making a Bull's Eye quilt. I have enough left to make another soooooo- I guess I'll make another.

For my Slow Stitching Sunday I'm working on some embroidery from Red Brolly called Catalicious.

Stash Report is:
     Added this week: 2.5 yards
     Added YTD:  2.5 yards

    Used this week:  4 yards
    Used YTD:  25 yards

    Total Used:  22.5 yards

Yes I know I added a couple yards this week. I know I said no purchases for 6 months.  When my friend and I decided to play with the inks this week, I looked in my stash and the only white I had was muslin and I wanted to use a better quality fabric so I purchased some Kona white.  What came in, went out, so basically, it's a wash.

Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching and with Judy L for the Stash Report

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Progress 1-5 thru 1-11

I must say, this week I got nothing, nada, zilch done.
DH was out of town for a week. You would think I would lock myself in the "black hole" and get some work done. Wellllllll- Monday was a day long stint at the LQS for BOM. Then I was back there again on Wednesday for a Beginning Quilt class.

Now let me just say this-- we have lived here in this house for 24 years. We are empty nesters and we have a 3 bedroom house. Needless to say the 2 spare bedrooms have become something of a storage spot for stuff (quilt show inventory, stuff put there while we did a remodel of the kitchen and  living room, treadmill and just junk or junque if you want to get fancy). Well I figured since he was gone I could clean out the rooms undisturbed. Boy was that a JOB. (I even emptied the closets.) Oh, and then I had to take DS out to where DH was on Friday (4 hour round trip) so he could help him finish up the job he was doing. Friends of our bought a place at the ocean and DH was doing some tile work for them. Sew, I may have not gotten anything in the way of sewing done, but I got a jump start on my spring cleaning :-).

At least on the Stash Report for the week I can report:

Fabric added this week:  0
Year to Date:  0
Fabric used this week:  0
Year to date:  21

Total used:  21 yards
Linking up to Judy L for this report.

As a postscript to my previous post (about the power outage). Game over at 4:30---power came on at 4:30. I think it was a conspiracy:-).

That's it for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Can you believe it!!!!!!

Today I figured no sewing because DH and I were going to watch the Seahawks game and pig out on all the munchies I got for it. Soooooo-here we sit with munchies and------NO GAME!!!!
Sometime during the night last night the power went out. It is now 4:30 PM and still no power. RATS!!!

Then I thought--- Oh well-------I can sew. I have the treadle, but at this time of day (and all day for that matter) it's DARK.  Curses---foiled again.

One good thing is our family room has a propane fireplace so we have heat, and we are rocking to the oldies on my iPod and bluetooth speaker (we also have candles and those little headband lights to read by). Life is good.

Til later,
Hugs and Stitches,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 1st Quarter FAL

Finish Along 2014

Since I didn't finish quite a few of my projects from last quarter, I'm going to carry them forward to this quarter.

Here they are.

1. Medallion Quilt-this one has been sitting in the line up to be quilted for the last 2 years. I think it needs to get done.

 2, Thimbleberries Scrap quilt-needs to have borders put on and then quilted and bound.

 3. T Shirt Quilt-needs quilting and binding.

4. Walkabout-I pieced the top at a retreat in 2013.

 5. Blocks won at retreat-needs borders ,quilting and binding.

 6.  I need to quilt and bind Easy Street.
That should be it for this quarter. Hopefully I will get them done this time.
I am linking up to our new host The Littlest Thistle.
Til later,
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching 1-5-14

Slow Sunday Stitching

I'm still working on the hexies I posted about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Like I said, it will be a slow, but enjoyable, project. Here is my progress so far.

I have 6 snowflakes made. I have enough basted for about 30 more snowflakes. I'm going to start putting those together before I baste any more. That way I can see how big I need to make this.

I'm linking up to Kathy's blog. Stop by and see what others are doing.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Progress 12-29 thru 1-4

This year I'm going to try to keep up with posting my weekly projects done or what I have accomplished for each week. This way I can go back on the year and see what I've done. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated, or organized, or whatever to get things done. We'll see.

This week I have done:

1. Sewn up 4 Reach for a cure totes. (One was already made.)

2. Finished quilting and  binding the D9P that goes to my Dr's office for patients receiving chemo.
(Click HERE to go to see what others have finished)

3, Binding the flannel Kitty 5 yard quilt.

4. Made 6 blocks for the RSC14.  Linking here to soscrappy for RSC14.

5. Loaded and quilted the Hot Rod quilt for DH. I've stitched the binding to the front, now I need to hand stitch to the back.

6. Did some cleaning of the "dungeon" and cutting scraps into strips and squares.
7. Finished stitching a small embroidery block from Red Brolly and started the next block.
8. Snow Rose pattern is cut out and now a flimsy.

9. Pieced a backing for a 5 yard quilt and have it loaded on the long arm

10. Cut out 5 kits for Reach for a Cure totes.
11. Made 2 potholders. (I needed some new ones for the kitchen.)

I will also be linking up with Patchworks Times this weekend for the weekly Stash Report.

This week:
       Fabric in:  0
       Fabric Out:  21 yards

            Net fabric used:  21 yards.

That's the accomplishments for this week.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Needle & Thread Thursday-1

Hooking this up to NTT at My Quilt Infatuation.

I decided to work on one of my January goals this morning after looking unsuccessfully for the pattern to a project that my little quilt group is going to work on this year. I start on Snow Rose and I have it to the flimsy stage.

Now I have to prepare a backing for this. I am hoping that I can find something in the stash instead of (gasp) buying new fabric. I'm thinking this is totally do-able.

I also made the backing for this 5 yard quilt. I know the pic is sideways. In my files it is correct, but when I upload to here it turns sideways. Go Figure......

This is now loaded on the long arm and ready for me to start on it tomorrow.
Tonight I will work on my hexie snowflake. This is my "in front of the TV" project.
That takes care of my stitching for today. At the end of the week I will be posting weekly progress.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

4th Qtr FAL #2

Okay--- I need 2 separate posts so here is #2.

Well out of 9 projects I only managed to get 2 finished.
They are

1. Sassy Coins

Here is the original post on these projects.

Linking to She Can Quilt. Come see all the finishes. And Thank You Leanne for hosting this year.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches
Mary Kunna

4th Qtr FAL

Well out of 9 projects I only managed to get 2 finished.
They are

1. Sassy Coins

2. D9P

Here is the original post on these projects.

Linking to She Can Quilt. Come see all the finishes. And Thank You Leanne for hosting this year.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches
Mary Kunna

January Lovely Year of Finishes

A Lovely Year of Finishes

For January's LYOF I'm going to post this as my project.

I think what I will use is my monthly goal projects, found here, for my LYOF each month.
My goal is to finish this completely-pieced. quilted & bound. This is a small quilt so I don't think I should have a problem with doing it.

I'm really stoked this year to get stuff done. I'm hoping to work just out of my stash. I may have to buy some blenders because I do have a LOT of focus fabrics. If that's the case I will buy ONLY the amount needed to complete the project. We'll see if my willpower holds out this year.

'Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,