Monday, June 30, 2014

Idaho 2014 Retreat Part 2

Now for the rest of the story.
Well we made it to the lodge and got everything set up and our bedroom claimed. We had plenty of time for sewing or just catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.
I had taken a whole bunch of projects (already pre-cut) to work on. After shooting the breeze I started in on a couple of quilt tops that I wanted to make at the request of my DH. He is building a Rat Rod and a friend has helped him quite a bit. I made a quilt for my husband with hot rod material and he really like it and wanted to know if I could make on for his friend. His wife is into horses and so we thought we would make her a horse one. Here they are (the pattern is sort of my version of the Box Trot pattern).


The next day (Friday) I worked on a mystery quilt that I was doing on one of my Facebook groups. Here is that one,

I finished that one and started on the next project, which I finished up on Saturday morning.

This one is called Urban Abacus.
After doing those I started working on some purses I wanted to make.

All in all, I think I got quite a bit accomplished.

The rest of the pictures are general pics of the group and at our show and tell.  The first one is one I took after a rain went through-----Beautiful!!!!!

It was a really, really fun weekend. I love these gals.

Check out Palouse Divide Lodge. They have some fun stuff coming up.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Idaho 2014 Retreat Part 1

Oh where to start-----
Wednesday morning Linda and I left town around 9 AM.  We made our first stop at Thorpe. There is a big fruit stand and Antique Mall at this stop. We wandered around and looked at things. We purchased some Rainier cherries to take to retreat and some other items for ourselves (sauces and such) and then it was onward and forward.
We made it to Ephrata and our next stop---the Quilt Shop. We spent quite some time there looking around. Here are the purchases I made---

The pattern on the right is hand embroidery and I just love Quail. Had to get it.

The top fabric is for the pattern on the left and the bottom fabric is going to be the background for the quail.

Got these just on a whim.

I had a Volcano jelly roll and I just love the colors (you will see the first JR used later). I decided I need another soooooooo.

Two blacks (yes the one on the left is black) to add to the stash.

More Hot Rods to add to the stash.

Had to have this one. This is probably the only way I'll get my "canned ham" trailer :-).

We then moved on to our friends house where we spent the evening visiting and laughing the night away.

Thursday AM---up early and after a light breakfast, ready to hit the road. Of course, when we hit Colfax we HAD to make a stop at the Quilt Shop there. Well we figured we could do that, after all, it did give us a chance to stretch our legs :-). 
Here is what I purchased there.

Even though this looks light, it is a black with grey/blue lines.

Batiks---what can I say.
What I really loved about this store was her vintage sewing machines on display. Talk about drool!

From there, it was no more stops until we hit the lodge.  We made it in good time and still had plenty of time to get some sewing in that day. Go to part 2 for the rest of the story.

Hugs & Stitches,

Progress 6/22 thru 6/29

Okay, let's begin.

Sunday-finished quilting my quilt to take to retreat. Loaded and quilted T-shirt quilt for customer. Attached both bindings to quilts. In the evening I sewed the binding on the T-Shirt quilt.

Monday-Client came and picked up quilt. Worked on binding for retreat quilt and some items I'm making for inventory.

Tuesday-gathered everything (I think)that I need to take to retreat and then just putzed around.

Wednesday-YAY!!!!! Left for retreat around 9 AM after picking up Linda and loading her stuff. We spend the night at our friends house in Soap Lake (another Linda) so we don't have to do the long drive all at once. (The other Linda also goes to retreat.) Of course we had to stop on the way at a couple of places to shop. Believe it or not---one was a Quilt Shop.

Thursday morning leave  from Soap Lake and on our way to Palouse Divide Lodge. Check out their site. The place is FANTASTIC..

I will stop here on the progress report and continue in next post about the rest of the weekend.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches

Monday, June 23, 2014

Progress Report 6/15 thru 6/21

To start off the week---

Sunday-Father's Day. Took DH out to breakfast, then we went grocery shopping, Came home and got stuff put away and then I went looking for a backing for a quilt top that I would like to get done and take with me to retreat.

Monday-finished up the T-shirt blocks and sashing. DH took me to get new seat covers for my van. I've had the van for 10 years and when we got it I put some cheapie covers on and needless to say, IT WAS TIME for new ones.

Tuesday-out to LQS to meet with new client for quilting services

Wednesday-to dentist for routine cleaning. Put borders on T-shirt quilt.

Thursday-meeting at my house for monthly quilting group.

Friday-getting stuff packed up (again) for retreat next week. Went to Friday Night Sew at LQS.
Also loaded quilt (of mine, no less) to quilt so I can take to retreat for Show and Tell.

Saturday-Goofed off. Had someone come by to pick up a sewing cabinet that I was getting rid of, then played in the sewing room for a little while. That's about it.

Hope you all had a great week.
Next post should have pics from retreat.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

July 9 thru 14 Progress Report

Well lets start at Monday---
Monday-out at LQS for Marti & Me classes
Tuesday-Cut out 5 purses
Wednesday-cut out 7 Reach for recovery totes, cut 1 more purse pattern,  cut out for 2 Boxtrot quilts, made a trip to fabric store to pick up supplies needed, loaded one of my quilts on machine for quilting.
Thursday-met with quilting client (disgruntled). I won't even go into that except to say that if you leave decisions up to me---I don't mind read. Then we had a little storm go through and lost power so I didn't do anything else for the day.
Friday-I got an early morning call from a friend telling me about a yard sale in my area. Such an enabler. I figured I'd go check it out and this is what I came home with.

A Singer 185K----and-----

A Sew Rite.
Needless to say. I haven't gotten much done today. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm going to try to start on a commissioned T-Shirt quilt I need to get done.
Saturday- started on the T-shirt quilt. Got 5 blocks done. Also quilted one of my quilt tops (that was donated to me) that goes to my Dr's office. I also added inner and outer border to quilt that I want to take with me in a couple of weeks to a retreat (I won the blocks there).

That's what I've accomplished this week. Let's see what next week brings.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Week 1 Progress Report

This  month has started out pretty good. I did get caught up with client quilting at the end of last month. Monday when I went out to the LQS I took all the quilts out with me so they could be picked up.
Tuesday-at another LQS to help with her Customer Appreciation Sale.
Wednesday-sat at the hospital cause a friend was having surgery. Everything went fine and dandy.
Thursday through Saturday-back at the LQS for the rest of the sale (went from Tuesday-Saturday).
On my way into the sale on Saturday morning I just HAD to make a stop at a yard sale. This is what I came away with.

What can I say. I just had to have it. This one is actually a 220V. The grey thingy is the power converter so you can plug into 110.

Today, I was actually going to get some stuff done (samples for the LQS) for Marti & Me for tomorrow out at the LQS, but instead I have done a little planting out in the garden. DH took me out for breakfast and then we watched a movie (Pompeii). Maybe this evening I can go to the "black hole" and do the samples. While I sat and watched the movie I worked on some hand sewing on the hexies I've been working on Hooking up to Slow Stitching Sunday here.

I have about 40 of these done. I know I still need a lot more, but it's a start. I have also started some of the embroidery on the Vintage Tin from Crabapple Hill.

Hopefully now that I am caught up on client quilts I can get to some of my own tops to be quilted, and maybe work on some other projects I have started.
That's it for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,