Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Goal Report

Let's see how well we did on my goal setting for August.

1. Scrappy Trips- done

2. Guadalupe quilt-still unfinished.

3. Vintage Tin embroidery block-started, but not finished yet. I have it started, but I'm doing the motorcycles and only have part of one done.

4. Tea bag holders for inventory-all 50 done. All have been bagged and labeled

5. Scrap catchers for inventory-all sewing on 40+ done. Just need to fill pincushion part.

6. Cancer quilt-not done.

I also worked on the Scrappy Spools quilt that was the leader and ender from Bonnie Hunter for 2012(?). I want to have this to at least a flimsy when she comes to our retreat in October.

That's it for this month. Stay tuned for next month's goal setting.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

8/23 through 8/29 Progress

Okay----let's get this week started.

Sunday-finished sewing binding on wedding quilt. Then I did a little slow stitching. By that I mean I did a little embroidery on the Vintage Tin block that I want to try to have done by the end of this month (ha, ha).

I've got a little done on the top motorcycle. Hope to work on this a little each night this week.

Monday-went downstairs and started cleaning. I have shelves that I wanted to clean off and move over to butt up against the shelving unit that I have the sewing machines on. I got the top shelf cleaned off and containers gone through. I've started on the second shelf. A lot of the containers have crafting stuff in them that I just don't do anymore, so I'm going to get rid of that stuff. I will either sell it at the shows or put it in my Etsy Shop.  The bottom shelf I'm going to do away with completely.
I also loaded a client quilt on the LA. I'm all ready to rock & roll on that.
I also finished up sewing the last of the 50 scrap catchers I'm making for inventory. Now all I need to do is fill the pincushion part.

Tuesday-ran errands. Post Office, fabric store and then Costco. By the time we got home and got everything put away I just didn't have enough gumption to go down and do anything.

Wednesday-a day to do more cleaning up of stuff I no longer other shelf moved over and went through containers and labeling them. Also cut up more strips of my "wild" fabrics for a project I have on mind. Cleaned up around the sewing machines my BQB & I will use tomorrow.

Thursday-got all the blocks made of the spool leader & ender project from Bonnie Hunter's challenge from about 2-3 years ago. Got the sashing a on. Now I need to get the borders on.

Friday-went down with all intentions of starting to quilt on client quilt. Instead I started cutting some fleece for a project that I am doing for inventory for my craft show. Then started working on inventory for a quilt show I have coming up next month. What can I say? Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Oh yeah, last night I finished up the  binding on the Scrappy Trips quilt that I quilted last week.

Saturday-not a thing done. Got up this morning to a very windy day. Our power went out 2 times, so by the time it came on for good, I was out of the mood. Must admit, it was a most lazy day for me.    Enjoyed the rain though. We really needed it.                                                                                        
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/16 through 8/22 Progress

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. I did absolutely nothing.

Monday-worked downstairs all day on the wedding quilt. I am at the stage now where by Wednesday I should be able to load it on the longarm. Not too much longer now and it will be DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Yay.

Tuesday-my friend Vickie and I went to do some more Row by Rowing. We only hit 3 shops today. Only 1 held any interest for us. The other 2 just didn't have anything that made our hearts go pitter patter. One of the stores that we went in to, I asked for the plates and kit for the RxR and was told that they didn't order any plates and they didn't make any kits. The pattern just has  the drawing for the applique and no instructions for cutting the size of background.

Wednesday-Hurray!!!!!! Got final borders on the wedding quilt. Then DH and I ran some errands. Got home and finished up all 50 of the Tea Bag Wallets that I was making for inventory for shows.

Thursday-today is the day for our quilting groups picnic. Before I go, I have to pick up the Singer 185J that I won on Shopgoodwill site.

Large Picture

I am soooooo bad!

Friday-well I finished Scrappy Trips that I had on the LA. Applied the binding to the front. Now to hand stitch it to the back. Also loaded the "Wedding Quilt" (remember that one that has been on my back for a while now). Here are pics of both sides of this thing.

I am about half finished with the quilting on it. I hope to finish it up tomorrow and then start on the binding. After that I should be able to send it off the first of the week. Hurray!!!!!!

Saturday-Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I got it done. Well as far as the quilting. Took it off the machine, trimmed it up and put the binding on one side. (This is the wedding quilt I'm so happy about.) I will go upstairs now and start sewing down the binding. I will not get done tonight, but will finished it up Sunday morning. Now to get paid and get it sent off. Whew!

That's it for this week.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Saturday, August 15, 2015

8/9 thru 8/15 Progress

I think Sunday got off to a slow start. I went downstairs to work on the next Marti & Me project that we will do in September. I started sewing on it and that's where I went wrong. Made a mistake in cutting. Then when I sewed the blocks together  I did not read the instructions, but did my own thing. When they wouldn't go together in the layout (to balance the colors) out came the ripper. Still not reading the instructions, I had to rip and make up my own balance. Sewing right along I find I am in boblivion and not stitched anything together. Giving up on it for a while I made a trip to Office Depot to get some supplies that were on sale. Came home and finished making the table runner.

Monday-out at the LQS for the Marti & Me Club and Open Sew.
While I was at the LQS, UPS was good to me and left this.

I really needed this, huh?
Especially since I brought this one home from vacation.

Top one is a Singer 404 and the bottom is a Singer 301.

Tuesday-made a swifter duster, cut the next 2 Marti & Me Club projects. Went to the bank. Looked for and found the wedding quilt that I will work on, AND FINISH, sometime this week. Watched Quilt Cam in the evening while putting finishing touches on inventory for shows.

Wednesday-Had all good intentions of getting something done. Got  a late start going downstairs to work. Located the wedding quilt that I was going to work on. Got everything set out and then hubby says he's going to run errands and if I wanted to go we would stop and have lunch. Wellllllllll- I guess I  could go. :-) After we got back home, my son came over and we had a real nice visit. Hadn't seen him in some time so we got all caught up on everything. He left after dinner so nothing got accomplished.

Thursday-BQB came over and we worked on the last clue to the Quiltmaker's Mystery. We have them all done (top only). Here they are.

We chose the same main print fabric, but chose our owns colors to go with that fabric. Mine is the top pic and hers is the bottom. I can't believe how different they are.

Friday-I went down and had many "squirrel" moments. I started on straightening up the table that my embroidery machine sets on. I needed to clear it off so I could actually use the machine. Then I spied a UFO setting on the floor and thought, "That's such a small easy project that could be finished ( at least to the flimsy stage) in no time". Soooooo, I got it to the flimsy stage.

I only had the center done on it to start. I added from the pink border out.
I also cut some stuff to make for inventory for the next quilt show in about 6 weeks. Then I messed around with these 2 little items.

I still need to add the buttons on them. I also gathered stuff for a couple of patterns that I want to make. In other words, I just played around and avoided doing what I should have been doing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday-worked on inventory. Sewing  up 50 something scrap catchers. Hopefully this will get me through the rest of my shows for the year. I can cut and make these in my sleep.

I think I got a little accomplished this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/2 thru 8/8 Progress

Let's see-----
Sunday I worked out in my garden. I had ordered some Iris bulbs and they came in so I had to clean up a spot in the garden. I had sort of let it go, so I had lots of weeds to pull. Got those planted and then came in to get stuff ready for my class the next day at the LQS.

Monday I was out at the LQS all day for the Block of the Month. I also saw an old friend that use to come to our monthly group at my house. She had quit coming years ago because  things got a little too much being a caretaker for her Mom and Stepdad. Things have changed now and I think she may be coming back to the group. I am sooooooo hyped. Hope she does return. She was like a very, very bright spot in the group.

Tuesday must have been something else because my mind is a blank. I have no idea what I did Tuesday.

Wednesday the hubby and I worked on the Iris bed in the front yard. I really needed to thin things out as I hadn't done anything to this bed for years. I got things dug up and thinned out. Extra bulbs were divided into 4 bags to go to friends that said they would like some bulbs. I have one bag left to deliver when I go out to the LQS on Monday.

Thursday was sewing day with BQB. I started out with getting caught up on a  Mystery Quilt that both of us are doing. It's the one in Quiltmaker magazine. We both needed to get part 3 done before we get the next issue. Then I put the borders on a 5 yard Seahawk quilt. I also made the 2 blocks needed for our PTS challenge we have going.

Friday was a lost day on getting anything done. I had all good intentions of working in the dungeon but a yard ale caught my eye. I went to the sale but didn't really find anything. On the way home I saw a community sale so I walked around that. Found a couple of little item. The rest of the day was spent doing a little of this and a little of that and an afternoon nap. I won't do that again as I laid in bed until 2 AM trying to go to sleep.

Saturday my friend Vickie and I went to an Artisan's Market taking place in the parking lot of Shipwreck Beads. We didn't find anything at the market, but we did buy some stuff at Shipwreck.

That's about it for this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to Progress Reports Thru 8/1

Now that I'm done with vacation I guess I'd better get back to work.
We got home on Tuesday and got stuff unloaded and sort of put away.

Wednesday we had to go pick up my Ranchero. We had left it to have Les Schwab check out the leak on the master cylinder. We also had to go and pick up the Honda Shadow we left to get some work done on it. Then I went by my friends house to drop off the goodies I had gotten for her on our trip. She was leaving the next morning for a little visit to her son in Denver. In the evening we went to a cruise-in by our house to meet with another friend (took the Ranchero) and look at all the neat cars.

Thursday my BQB (best quilting buddy) (also met up at the cruise-in), came over and we did our usual Thursday thing. Working on UFO's. I had a project from our quilting group (Paws to Sew) from 2010. It was our Christmas challenge (we swap blocks every year) that was a signature block. I got it all put together, made the binding and the backing.

Friday I loaded the UFO from yesterday on the longarm and got it quilted, attached the binding to the front. I also loaded a quilt top (small) that I will be taking to my Dr's office, and got it quilted. I also had to piece the backing on that before I loaded it. I attached the binding to the top of the quilt. I may wait a few days until it cools down to sit under them to sew the binding down.

Saturday I pieced together a backing for the "Many Trips" top and loaded it on the machine and started quilting it. I also topstitched around the tea  bag holders for inventory and started assembling the scrap catchers. I also started stitching down the binding on the UFO I quilted yesterday.

That's it for this week.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Goals

I think I may start listing at the beginning of each month, my goals for the month.
Here they are for August.

1. Finish embroidering one block of Vintage Tin.

2. Quilt "Scrappy Trips" flimsy.

3. Quilt Guadalupe flimsy.

4. UFO-Cancer quilt

5. Finish assembling the 40+ scrap catchers for inventory.

6. Finish assembling the 40+ tea bag holders for inventory.

I think that should do me for this month. I will be working on other inventory for a quilt show that I will be vending at in October, along with catching up on client quilts waiting for me to start on.

Hope you have a wonderful productive August.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,