Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 7& 8 Progress

Let's see if I got any more productive this week.

Sunday-came down and decided since I had given my 1200 a spa day yesterday, I really needed to make him a cover that fit better. So here it is.

 I found a fabric from 1992. It was time.
Then I spent an hour doing some folding and straightening of fabric. Some even went into the bag that I have set aside for a lady that I give scraps and fabric to that makes charity quilts. I'm trying to get tough with myself and be realistic as to what I will really use in this lifetime.
I also got a client quilt loaded after lunch.

Monday-out at LQS for the Mini of the Month club. Also came home with 4 more quilts to do.

Tuesday-Started out doing the hour cleaning thing. Got some fabrics folded and sorted. Some went into the donation bag to the lady I donate to. Cut out 5 Reach for a Cure totes so I can work on those on Thursday during the Paws to Sew meeting. Moved some of my unquilted tops to the closet in the spare bedroom so I could use those shelves I cleaned off for the fabric that I have been folding. At least until I can go through the main shelving of fabric and weed out some of that. Then DH took me out for Linner (Lunch/Dinner). He also got me an Open Heart Pendant for Valentine's Day. Such a sweetie!

Wednesday-this morning  did some cleaning and straightening upstairs for the meeting tomorrow. Then I came down and set up a couple of machines to be used at meeting. Also made sure everything was pretty much in it's place for tomorrow.

Thursday-meeting day. First BQB & I went for our walk. Stopped at JoAnn's cause she needed some things. Came back had lunch and then the meeting started. I did work on the totes.

At this point I have forgotten some of the rest of the week and we are well into the following week so I will summarize the rest.

I finished the client quilt that I had loaded on. Then I started making a couple of pillow shams for another quilt I have to finish off for another client. Got those finished and loaded on her quilt. This is going to take a while. It measures 108" x 126".

I also have been doing some "frankenbatting". This is joining batting scraps to make bigger pieces. I use these in some of my smaller items I make for the craft show I do.

I have also made more "crumb blocks". Finished up 3 Scrapcatchers for inventory. In between, DH and I went and had taxes done. Yay!

I know I'm forgetting some of the things I did but----------.
In the evenings I have worked a little on hand stuff, such as Vintage Tin and other things for inventory.

Well I guess that's it for now.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week 6 progress

Well I got some things accomplished this week, but I think I could have done better. Just have to push myself and get off my lazy you know what.

Sunday-loaded another client quilt and got it done. Gathered stuff to take out to the LQS tomorrow.
Finished sewing the binding down on my quilt I finished Saturday.

Monday-no LQS today. Yesterday we got a foot of snow and they are closed today to keep everyone safe. Wouldn't you know----the first time in forever that I had my S*** together with  everything ready to go and it's cancelled. Oh well. I guess better safe than sorry.

Tuesday-7:30 AM dentist appointment. Came home and started quilting one of my quilts. I told myself, this year, I'm going to do one of my quilts after every second client quilt. Also did a little embroidery work in the evening.

Wednesday-slow start to the day. Took Tessa to get her nails trimmed. Went downstairs and started writing up the pattern for the new block of the month that starts the first of March. Nothing like deadlines :-).

Thursday-BQB came over and we walked. came back and went to work. I finished trimming up some small pieces for the Mini of the Month Club. I also finished up the mini. Then I worked on some small zipper pouches I'm making for inventory for shows.

Friday-spent all day on finishing writing up the Block of the Month pattern.

Saturday-Came down and really wanted to do some of my stuff instead of loading a client quilt. I started by finishing the last two zipper pouches I didn't do on Thursday. Then I decided I had put off servicing one of my machines long enough. After all it is one of my favorites to sew on. Sooooo, I spent some time giving my 1200-1 a spa treatment. Then I changed out a Mocha 301 in a cabinet that I had picked up when we were on vacation last year. I had picked up a LBOW 301 (two toned) at retreat in October and I wanted to put it in that cabinet. Got that all taken care of. Also traced out a couple of small embroideries I want to have on hand as  hand sewing projects in the evening. I guess I'll fit them in in between Vintage Tin, Snowflake hexies and a couple of other projects I've got going. Ha, ha.

Well that wraps up this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Monday, February 6, 2017

week 5 progress

I will start on Tuesday since I got back from retreat on Monday.

Tuesday-NOTHING done today. I sat down this morning after going for my walk and ended up taking a four hour nap. I blame it all on my dog and cat. They held me down and wouldn't let me get up and get to work.

Wednesday-this was a errand day. First went to the bank to get money to take to the place that I am having restore my project car. Came back through Yelm so I could drop off the new BOM quilt so they could get that hung. After getting home and having lunch, we left again to go to credit union, storage unit, Tractor Supply and Walmart. By the time we got home I had had it. Tomorrow it's back to the salt mines.

Thursday-BQB came over and we went for our walk. Came home and started in. I started working on a mini that is for the Mini of the Month Club at the LQS. Then I pressed all the leader and enders I had done at the ocean retreat. I mad a back for the cat fishing quilt finished from the weekend and started building a back for the frog quilt. I ran out of the leftovers so I need to find something that will go with it to finish out the back.

Friday-run around day. Went to Costco. That in itself is a half day project. Loaded and started  on 2015 BOM Alternate from Gee Gee's.

Saturday-buckled down and finished up my quilt that was on the longarm. Loaded client quilt and got it quilted.

That's it for now.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Week 4 Progress

Sunday-cleaned up desk so I could get ready to do B&O Taxes. Can downstairs and just putzed around. Didn't really do anything. Oh wait----yes I finished writing up the newsletter for our little sewing group.

Monday-Filed B&O Taxes. Ran errands getting things together for the retreat I will be leaving for on Friday.

Tuesday-BQB came over and we went for our walk. Made binding for the tumbler quilt. Quilted tumbler quilt. In the evening I sewed the binding down on the quilt.

Wednesday-cut some more leader and Enders hour glass units. Made a trip down to check on the progress on the car. Getting a little disgruntled with how the work is going on it (or should I say isn't going on it).

Thursday-got everything packed up for the quilt retreat at the ocean this weekend. We leave tomorrow.

Friday-AT RETREAT!!!!!!!! First day I got 2 quilt tops done and started on another. I had everything pre-cut so I could just start sewing.

Saturday-finished third quilt top and completed another. Finished up about eight small coasters that I found just waiting to be finished in a pile of UFO's. Sewed up seven totes for the cancer center. And 12 mini duffels (for earbuds, change or whatever).

Sunday-put borders on some redwork pieces that I will change out on my wire stand. One of the ladies there gave me some corners that she had cut off of some blocks. I sewed them up and make a piece that could be a table topper, the start of a pillow case or maybe the top of a doggie bed.

Monday-return home.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,