Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Progress Report 7/21 thru 7/29

Not much going on around here lately. Is it just me or are some of you guys in the doldrums lately? I just can't seem to get it together.
Monday-had to meet with a couple of ladies to discuss making a quilt for the daughter's wedding. After the meeting (DH went with) DH and I stopped at a friend of DH's (use to work together) for a visit. Met his wife and found out that she does jewelry and beading. In fact she has an Etsy shop which you can find here. Check it out.

Tuesday-worked a little in the sewing room. In fact I did quilt a small quilt for a friend that wants to give the quilt to a breast cancer survivor friend in one of her car groups. Then I had an afternoon appointment with my oncologist. Everything is good.

Wednesday-went to meet the 2 ladies I met with on Monday at my LQS to look at fabric for said wedding quilt.

Thursday-DH and I ran some errands and I started noticing a funny little tickle in my throat.

Friday-went with DH to Good Guys Car Show at the fair grounds. We left in early afternoon and I had started noticing my voice was a little strange. By evening I had no voice.

Saturday & Sunday-spent days just doing nothing and trying not to talk.

Monday-did manage to go down and quilt a client quilt. Voice is starting to come back.

Today I went to a friends house to help her with a problem she is having with mitering a pieced border. This is a quilt that she will be bringing to me to quilt and enter it in the fair. Came home and have done nothing for the rest of the day.

I have done a little computer work. I listed my medallion quilt on my ETSY shop. This is the quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Back of quilt

That's it for now
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Progress 7/14 thru 7/20

Okay no HP this week.

Monday-at LQS for the Marti and Me Club

Tuesday-went to pick up client quilt, started quilting my quilt that I have on the machine.

Wednesday- finished quilt on machine and prepared binding.

This is the quilt I quilted. As soon as I get some decent pics I will post them.

Thursday-got place ready for group meeting, applied binding to front of quilt I finished yesterday while having meeting.

Friday-went to get blood drawn for my Dr. visit on Tuesday. Delivered 5 quilts to the infusion unit while at Dr's office. Delivered more totes  to the Cancer Center by the hospital while I was out. Came home and did some prep work for moving bedroom around tomorrow.

Saturday- spent day doing a late spring cleaning and moving bed and furniture around the bedroom, cleaning windows, washing curtains, etc.

Sunday-NOTHING all day long.

That's it for this week.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches, Mary

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Progress Report 7/7 through 7/13

Well, let's start at the beginning :-).

Monday-out at LQS for Block of the Month Club. I also took out 3 client quilts to deliver. I also brought 3 more quilts to do. Just when I thought I would be all caught up. Oh well, keeps me of the street and outta bars :-).

Tuesday-loaded one of my quilts on the machine to do. After loading that I went upstairs and spent the day doing something I hadn't done for a while----treadling. I got 15 string blocks done. YAY!!!

Wednesday-I thought I was going to go downstairs and quilt my quilt, but, I decided I really needed to get in the back bedroom and straighten and put away my boxes of inventory for quilt and craft show (I have 2 different inventories). That took me most of the day.

Thursday- ran to bank, then went to a couple of antique shops.

Friday-ran errands with DH

Saturday-made a trip to Hobby Lobby then when I got home found out there was a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Disney. Guess nothing gets done today :-).

Sunday=Harry Potter again. Oh well I guess there's next week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Progress 7/1 through 7/6

I will start the report on Monday this time as Sunday was the day I came back from the Idaho retreat.

Monday-a day of rest. I really didn't do much as along with the retreat weekend I have been trying to figure out why I had been having a backache for the last 2 weeks. By process of elimination I narrowed it down to the Fosamax that I take. I gave it one more try this week and things went bad again with aches and pains. Needless to say------off the Fosamax.

Tuesday-went down to the sewing room after putting things away from the weekend and unpacking the project bag. I made 13 needle keepers for inventory, loaded a quilt on the longarm (to go to Dr's), pieced a backing for one of the quilts I did at retreat.

Wednesday-DH sweet talked me into going fishing. Spent the day at Mineral Lake just listening to music and fishing (BTW me-6 fish, DH-4).

Thursday-Had to package up 2 quilts. One I am sending to my cousin and the other is an order from a customer. Went to PO and got them shipped off.

Friday-quilted quilt that I loaded on Tuesday. Loaded client quilt and got it quilted. Loaded another quilt on ready for tomorrow. Went to friends house in evening for 4th and fireworks.

Saturday-quilted client quilt. Got my cat out of a tree (something scared him enough to have him climb that tree. I know him, and he doesn't back down from another cat.). Roasted some jalapenos and got them in the freezer (my hands feel alive right about now :-) ). Loaded another quilt to be done tomorrow.

Sunday-quilted client quilt.

I think I got something accomplished this week. Now that I have all client quilts done I think I will try next week to get some of mine done. Let's set a goal. I will try to get at least 3 of mine done. Anyone care to wager? :-)

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

New Challenge

I am going to try a new challenge this year. If you go to Val's Quilting Studio you can read about it.
This seems pretty simple. I just need to throw my spare change into a jar (piggy bank) for the next year (along with an occasional bill) and then see how much I've saved in that year. I can then use this for quilty stuff to reward myself. FUN!!
Here is the jar I will use for my piggy bank.

You think I will be able to fill it? It's a gallon size. To get to the particular post on this go here.
If I save enough I think I'll treat myself to a new toy (like a vintage machine on my wish list).

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,