Friday, July 8, 2016

Week ending 7/7/16

I am going to run my weeks from Friday to Thursday to keep track of my work progress.

Friday- got down here early and just puttered around at first. I unloaded and went through my project bag that I took to Idaho. I finished stuffing the pillows that go with the Quest for a Cure totes. Then I printed the labels and pinned them to 30 Pretty Pockets that go to the same place. After that I got started quilting the commission quilt that I have to get out this week. Got it finished and applied the binding to the top and will sit tonight and sew down to the back. Then I loaded a quilt that I am adding more quilting to some places. After customer and I talked about the quilting and I got it done, she decided she wanted a little more.

Saturday-came down and did some computer stuff. Trying to get back to journaling the quilts that I have finished. Started quilting one of my quilts that I loaded yesterday after finishing filling in the flower quilt. Got that finished and the binding on and ready to sew down when I can. Cleaned up a little and oiled up the longarm. Loaded another client quilt and am ready to rock and roll on it. I don't know if I'll start it today or in the morning. I have to leave shortly to check up on BQB's fur babies. They left today (BQB and her DH, not the fur babies) to go visit family.

Sunday-finished up a client quilt. Thought everything was going sooo smooth. Well guess what? I took the quilt off and found a spot on the backing that has a fold in it. Arghhhhh! No I have to pick out. Oh well. Keeps me humble I guess. I also starting writing up a pattern that I designed for a Mini of the Month group at my LQS. After gnashing my teeth about the quilt I went and tore down a machine that I have to service. I'll try getting that done by Wednesday at least. I also worked a little on the binding of my quilt that I got done the other day.

Monday-Finished writing the pattern up. Finished Mini top for the pattern and got pics for cover. Then I loaded up client quilt and got it quilted. Finished up sewing the binding on my car quilt.
Here's the finished product. I will list it on my Etsy page.

                                                                       Front of quilt.

                                                                     Back of quilt.

Tuesday-spent first 2 hours catching upon computer work. I trimmed up the client quilt that I finished yesterday then loaded another. This is a big one and might take me a couple of days to do it. Left at my usual time to go take care of the kitties I'm watching for BQB and found that they had gotten home. I wasn't sure they would be there cause they called that morning to say they were on their way. I just wanted to be sure kitties didn't miss their scheduled feeding.

Wednesday-early AM Dr's appointment and then I had to go by the PO to send out the commission quilt. Got home and got a little lazy and took a nap. Don't know how much will be accomplished today. We'll see.
Update Wednesday: I did start on the large client quilt. Also worked on  a little straightening up the sewing room.

Thursday-came down with all intentions of working on client quilt. Oh look-----squirrel! I got an idea for a mini for the Mini Of The Month Club at the LQS. Thought, "Well I just pick out the fabrics." Then it was, "Well maybe I'll just cut the pieces". Then it was, "Well everything is cut so let's just go ahead and piece it." So, it is now pieced, pattern written, we are good to go.

Worked on client quilt after that. Almost got it done, but then my bobbin thread started giving me problems. I figured before I got to upset and did something to make it worse, I would just walk away from it for the rest of the evening. I'll come down and finish it up in the morning.

That's been my progress this week. Hopefully, I can keep it up.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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