Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street, Part Deux

I finished Part 2 today. I have a little confession to make. When cutting the sky parts, I layered as Bonnie showed in video and proceeded to cut. Now, there were 128 geese parts and we needed 256 sky units, (Do you know where this is going?) I keep count while cutting, and proceeded to cut 256--
PAIRS!! I now have extra sky units to make another 128 geese. Oh well--as the saying goes--I stopped to think and forgot to start again. Here's the linky to Bonnie's Part 2.

The units at the bottom right are the rectangles Bonnie said we could cut for use later

I also got another client quilt done (this leaves only 2 more to get out for Christmas delivery).
You may have a little difficult time seeing the quilting on this one because I used------wait for it----
wait for it--------Invisible thread---to quilt it. (I'm just so funny :-)  ).


I also got one of my last 2 quilts loaded and ready to go (quilt) on Tuesday. I will be out at my LQS all day tomorrow for our BOM.

That's all for now.
Til next time,
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. Wow, great quilting. My daughter and I did that for a quilt we made together. We now have enough pieces to make a second quilt - LOL. Love your purples.

  2. Geese are looking lovely. Make two quilts - a few of us are ;-)

  3. know...there are still some of us out here...still cutting and working and cutting and could have probably auctioned off those extra bits! Good Luck! ;)