Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Catching Up

A Little catch up on my doings this last week & a half.
A week ago Monday I was out in Yelm at Gee Gee's Quilting for the BOM groups. This is an all day thing from 9 AM to around 6:30 PM. The next day (and through Saturday) I put in 8 hours days at another local LQS (Trains & Fabric) for her Customer Appreciation Sale. BOY!!! was it busy. I then had Sunday off (sort of) to work on getting the next batch of Farmer's Wife blocks ready for this Monday out at Gee Gee's.
After that class I had an Open Sew with 6 students. 3 were working on the BOM from last week, 2 were learning to do the 4 sided placemat and 1 wanted instruction on needle turn applique. Talk about going in 5 directions at once. But, it all worked out fine.
Yesterday I loaded my Stack & Whack on to be quilted for a class sample. I finished quilting it this morning and putting the binding to the front.

I think what I'd like to start doing is everyday post what I get accomplished for that day ( or at least once a week). Hopefully this will keep me on track to get things done. My usual schedule has sort of been out the window since DH retired. Hopefully this will get me back on it.

Today's work:
Finished quilting Stack & Whack quilt
Sewed binding to the front of Stack & Whack
Started hand stitching binding down (about halfway through)
Cut strip sets for charity quilt.
Load client quilt on (baby quilt) and quilted it.
Applied binding to front of client quilt.

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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