Saturday, August 15, 2015

8/9 thru 8/15 Progress

I think Sunday got off to a slow start. I went downstairs to work on the next Marti & Me project that we will do in September. I started sewing on it and that's where I went wrong. Made a mistake in cutting. Then when I sewed the blocks together  I did not read the instructions, but did my own thing. When they wouldn't go together in the layout (to balance the colors) out came the ripper. Still not reading the instructions, I had to rip and make up my own balance. Sewing right along I find I am in boblivion and not stitched anything together. Giving up on it for a while I made a trip to Office Depot to get some supplies that were on sale. Came home and finished making the table runner.

Monday-out at the LQS for the Marti & Me Club and Open Sew.
While I was at the LQS, UPS was good to me and left this.

I really needed this, huh?
Especially since I brought this one home from vacation.

Top one is a Singer 404 and the bottom is a Singer 301.

Tuesday-made a swifter duster, cut the next 2 Marti & Me Club projects. Went to the bank. Looked for and found the wedding quilt that I will work on, AND FINISH, sometime this week. Watched Quilt Cam in the evening while putting finishing touches on inventory for shows.

Wednesday-Had all good intentions of getting something done. Got  a late start going downstairs to work. Located the wedding quilt that I was going to work on. Got everything set out and then hubby says he's going to run errands and if I wanted to go we would stop and have lunch. Wellllllllll- I guess I  could go. :-) After we got back home, my son came over and we had a real nice visit. Hadn't seen him in some time so we got all caught up on everything. He left after dinner so nothing got accomplished.

Thursday-BQB came over and we worked on the last clue to the Quiltmaker's Mystery. We have them all done (top only). Here they are.

We chose the same main print fabric, but chose our owns colors to go with that fabric. Mine is the top pic and hers is the bottom. I can't believe how different they are.

Friday-I went down and had many "squirrel" moments. I started on straightening up the table that my embroidery machine sets on. I needed to clear it off so I could actually use the machine. Then I spied a UFO setting on the floor and thought, "That's such a small easy project that could be finished ( at least to the flimsy stage) in no time". Soooooo, I got it to the flimsy stage.

I only had the center done on it to start. I added from the pink border out.
I also cut some stuff to make for inventory for the next quilt show in about 6 weeks. Then I messed around with these 2 little items.

I still need to add the buttons on them. I also gathered stuff for a couple of patterns that I want to make. In other words, I just played around and avoided doing what I should have been doing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday-worked on inventory. Sewing  up 50 something scrap catchers. Hopefully this will get me through the rest of my shows for the year. I can cut and make these in my sleep.

I think I got a little accomplished this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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