Friday, January 22, 2016

Working right along

As you know, I said this month was the "great muck out" of the sewing room. I have a bad habit of just going and looking for something or working on last minute things and scattering things around. This is especially true when I am trying to get things done for inventory because I have a show that weekend. Or maybe, trying to get things together for a retreat weekend. I let it go too far this time.
Here are a few before and after pics.

This is my work table where I work on servicing sewing machines.

This is after. The cover is covering a machine I have torn into to work on. At least I have room now to work.

You couldn't even see these 2 before. I had stuff stacked all around them.

This counter was soooo full of fabric scraps I only had a small space to cut on.

This is my machine rack. Some of these are my own personal stable, and some will be gone through and new homes found for them. The quilt tops that are hanging off the side are some of mine that have backing and binding and are ready to be quilted. Sadly that is only about 1/100th of my unfinished quilts.

As I have been cleaning I have been stacking stuff in one corner that I figure I will decide what to do with when I make my way around to that stack. I am now at that stage. A lot of this is stuff that I now longer do or have interest in doing. Some is a "what the heck" thing. It either goes to Goodwill or trash or to someone that still does other crafts.

This is that corner. Once that corner is cleared I will have a chair that will go there for when I'm working on hand work or ?????.

I also finally got my entertainment center together. I did not have TV service downstairs (we never ran a cable when we built it). I could watch DVD's though. I now have TV service downstairs. This little area is serving as my desk area for the computer and the rest of the stuff (stereo, TV, etc.).

It is slowly but surely coming together again.

That's all for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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