Sunday, August 11, 2013

Update on Progress

A little report on progress that I've made this week. I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted to, but that was because I did goof off a couple of days.
Monday I was out at the LQS all day for BOM.
Tuesday I ran a couple of errands and worked on threadcatchers.
Wednesday I continued working on threadcatchers, load the BQ quilt on the machine, and worked on the paint chip challenge quilt.
Thursday, continued on threadcatchers, finished piecing the top on the  paint chip challenge (except for borders), sewed on do-rags. Also, did 4 more string bocks on treadle machine.
Friday was a play day.
Saturday worked on more do-rags and played.
Today I had to get the blocks ready for the Farmers Wife class tomorrow at LQS. Put border on paint chip challenge quilt and pieced back for it. Put first border on Basket Case quilt top.
I'm also linking this with Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday (cause Basket Case is still on Design Wall.)
Here's pics of the 2 top I worked on.

Paint chip challenge before border.

With final border

Basket Case w/1st border

And FINALLY!!!  BQ loaded and ready to quilt!

Maybe this month I'll really meet some of the goals I've set. Yay!!!!!

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches

P.S. The paint chip challenge works like this. We went to either Home Depot or Lowes and pulled some of the paint chip cards that had co-ordinating colors on a card. We (whomever in our group that started this) then passed out the cards (all different) to the participants and they have to make a project using these colors.


  1. Busy, busy hands! I'll bet you have happy heart. :-)