Monday, June 30, 2014

Idaho 2014 Retreat Part 1

Oh where to start-----
Wednesday morning Linda and I left town around 9 AM.  We made our first stop at Thorpe. There is a big fruit stand and Antique Mall at this stop. We wandered around and looked at things. We purchased some Rainier cherries to take to retreat and some other items for ourselves (sauces and such) and then it was onward and forward.
We made it to Ephrata and our next stop---the Quilt Shop. We spent quite some time there looking around. Here are the purchases I made---

The pattern on the right is hand embroidery and I just love Quail. Had to get it.

The top fabric is for the pattern on the left and the bottom fabric is going to be the background for the quail.

Got these just on a whim.

I had a Volcano jelly roll and I just love the colors (you will see the first JR used later). I decided I need another soooooooo.

Two blacks (yes the one on the left is black) to add to the stash.

More Hot Rods to add to the stash.

Had to have this one. This is probably the only way I'll get my "canned ham" trailer :-).

We then moved on to our friends house where we spent the evening visiting and laughing the night away.

Thursday AM---up early and after a light breakfast, ready to hit the road. Of course, when we hit Colfax we HAD to make a stop at the Quilt Shop there. Well we figured we could do that, after all, it did give us a chance to stretch our legs :-). 
Here is what I purchased there.

Even though this looks light, it is a black with grey/blue lines.

Batiks---what can I say.
What I really loved about this store was her vintage sewing machines on display. Talk about drool!

From there, it was no more stops until we hit the lodge.  We made it in good time and still had plenty of time to get some sewing in that day. Go to part 2 for the rest of the story.

Hugs & Stitches,

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