Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm taking the Pledge

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Well let's see how well I do. I've decided to join this little group of Fabriholics Anonymous at The Elvin Garden.

Here's a few of the ground rules:

No fabric purchases for the first 6 months (except for backing and bindings, but try to pull from stash first).

After 6 months re-evaluate and see if you can go for another 6 months.

Another is to create a UFO list and finish them. (As you have seen in some of my posts I do have a UFO list-see Page tabs above for 2014 projects).

Start de-stashing by weeding out fabric that you know you'll never use. I have done that before and will go through again. (I have a person that I give fabric to so she can make quilts for the homeless.)

If you don't have stash for backing or binding then you may purchase.
Books, magazines and notions are fine.
One of the exceptions I will make for myself is, if I need fabric to round out a pattern I am making (ie., I have lots of focus or main fabrics, but not blenders or accents) I may purchase only the amount needed.

I had already decided to do something like this so maybe this will give me the little push I need.
Wish me luck.

Til later
Hugs & Stitches,

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  1. Have joined in as well. I definitely need to do this. Wishing you luck!