Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stash Report & Progress 2/24 thru 3/2

Well I'm slowly getting things done.
Here is my progress thru this week.

Monday-Quilted Costa Maya sample that I will be teaching at April Retreat. See pic here.
Tuesday-2 mile walk, quilted a client quilt. attached binding to Costa Maya.
Wednesday-2 mile walk, quilted another client quilt, loaded and started another client quilt.
Thursday-2 mile walk, finished client quilt and loaded another. Also went with DH to purchase new BBQ. Our other has given up the ghost.
Friday-at Sew Expo and then went in the evening to a LQS for their Friday Night Sew Social.
Saturday-taught the last session of Beginning Quilting at LQS.
Sunday-cut out a second Costa Maya so I can make the step outs for class. Finished Section 2 from Clue 2 on a Mystery Quilt at LQS. Started cutting out Clue 3 on MQ. Also worked on sample for Marti & Me until I realized I didn't have enough pieces cut and didn't have the fabric to cut them.
Here's the fabric I'm making the second Costa Maya from.

Stash Report:
I must admit--------I've been a baaad girl this week. I sort of got carried away at Sew Expo.
I have pics in my next post as to what I bought.

Fabric added:  18 yards
Added YTD:  40 yards
Fabric used:  2 yards
Used YTD:  43 yards

Total Used/Added:  3 yards

So far I'm staying ahead of the game.

Well that's it for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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