Saturday, May 24, 2014

Well I did it Again

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

My DH and I decided we were going to have a  little outing and go to Packwood for the day. This is a small town and every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend they turn the town into one big swap meet. I was actually very good while we were there. I only bought 5 yards of fabric. I saw a few interesting things, like 2 Featherweights, but the asking price was WAY too high. One was $345.00 and the other was 425.00. They stayed right where they were.

After we left there we thought we would stop down the road at Randle. They usually set up a small swap meet behind the fire station. Well that's where I did finally go gaga over this----

Once again, I can't get these in right side up. I used my ipad to take the pics, and even though I rotated them in my photo edit thingy (technical term) they still post sideways.
Anyways, this is a White Rotary Treadle that was at the first booth we stopped at. It is in really good condition. Even though it has a belt, I will replace it cause it looks a little iffy on lasting. The machine has it's box of attachments and the manual.
What can I say---if I can't buy fabric-----might as well get a machine :-).

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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