Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Mid-Month Report

I've been a very bad person. I haven't posted anything in about 2 weeks. All I can say for myself is it's been busy.

I'll start on Monday the 5th.
Monday-out at LQS for Block of the Month all day.
Tuesday-Quilted client quilt. Cleaned an area of the "black hole" so my group had room to sew on meeting day.
Wednesday-Went to LQS. Finished binding  on client quilt. Cut sashing and cornerstones for Spool quilt I am trying to finish.
Thursday-had errands to run. Worked on tension on Gammill. Loaded client quilt. Sew up some inventory items for future shows.
Friday-quilted client quilt. Sewed sample for Marti & Me Club. Loaded another client quilt.
Saturday and Sunday-no work, DH had plans for Mother's Day weekend.
That brings us to a new week.
Monday-LQS for Marti & Me Club.
Tuesday- back out to LQS to meet with client that wants 2 quilts made. Came home and did errands.
Wednesday-cleaned another area and set up machines for group meeting this week.
Thursday-the group (Paws to Sew) met and we sewed 17 Reach for a Cure totes. for the cancer center. I will deliver them tomorrow.

After delivering those I need to come home and quilt that client quilt I've had loaded for a couple of days now. Between now and Monday I need to quilt 3 quilts to deliver on Monday. Between that and the other (I don't know how many) quilts I still have to quilt, I have 3 commissioned quilts to do. Man, I love the pressure :-)!!!!!!!!!!! I thrive on it. I think I'm starting to get my mojo back. I had been having trouble getting started on things lately. I think it was a little burnout or something.

I know this post doesn't have any pics, but I really haven't done (or bought) anything to take pics of.
On of my ladies at the Marti & Me Club (she also comes to the BOM the week before) made the comment "Well Mary, it's been a week. Have you  bought any machines?"  (That's not to say I haven't tried.
So with that said, I will try to do something interesting this week and get pics to post.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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  1. You've always had your mojo. I think we have sew much to do outside in our beautiful NW that our inside takes a back seat. I often say that I let my house compost during the summer because I'm taking care of the know what I mean.Of course I'm walking Mickey at Chambers Bay and doing photo shoots of our lovely surroundings.
    See you soon.