Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Progress Report 7/7 through 7/13

Well, let's start at the beginning :-).

Monday-out at LQS for Block of the Month Club. I also took out 3 client quilts to deliver. I also brought 3 more quilts to do. Just when I thought I would be all caught up. Oh well, keeps me of the street and outta bars :-).

Tuesday-loaded one of my quilts on the machine to do. After loading that I went upstairs and spent the day doing something I hadn't done for a while----treadling. I got 15 string blocks done. YAY!!!

Wednesday-I thought I was going to go downstairs and quilt my quilt, but, I decided I really needed to get in the back bedroom and straighten and put away my boxes of inventory for quilt and craft show (I have 2 different inventories). That took me most of the day.

Thursday- ran to bank, then went to a couple of antique shops.

Friday-ran errands with DH

Saturday-made a trip to Hobby Lobby then when I got home found out there was a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Disney. Guess nothing gets done today :-).

Sunday=Harry Potter again. Oh well I guess there's next week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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