Monday, February 16, 2015

Mid-Month Progress report

Well since I've been back from retreat it has been pretty busy around here.

I have a commission quilt to do for a client that is double sided. WOW! The pattern they picked out was originally for a lap quilt soooooooo- I had them purchase twice the amount of fabric cause they wanted a queen. This is taking a little longer to piece than I anticipated. Here are some of the blocks. They are not in their permanent spot yet, just up on the design wall so I can get an idea of how may more I need.

Since this pic, I have added more blocks and I do believe I still need about 30 more. One side is this color and the other side will be blues.

I have also quilted 3 client quilts last week. After doing those I decided to put on my Seahawks quilt that I did at the retreat.

This is the top. I quilted it with a meander all over and in the larger blue squares I put in the number 12. The binding will be dark blue. I will set here tonight and sew that binding down.

I have also been making up little kits for the classes I will be teaching at the retreat in April. I figured this year I would do 4 small items that sew up quickly for students to use as gift ideas. I have given them a choice to either supply their own fabrics and notions or purchase a a kit already with everything needed.  There are only 3 kits I'm making up because the fourth item is easier for them to supply the fabric as I could not make one up at a reasonable and inexpensive cost to them. The other three kits I'm making 50 each. I have 2 of them totally done and about 1/4 of the way through the last kit. I've also been writing up the patterns for the classes. WHEW!

THEN----the LQS that I do the BOM at has been waiting for the fabric to come in for the next BOM. Well it finally came in and they cut me a kit so I can get the sample made up for display. I got it Thursday---------the new BOM starts March 2nd!!!!! We usually have the sample up at least 1to 2 months before so we can get sign-ups. I spent today working on that. Hopefully I can get that finished in the next couple of days.
Here's 6 of the blocks completed today.

I think that about covers what I've been up to. Oh yeah, I also serviced 2 machines (Featherweights).
Okay---that's all.

Hope you've been able to get some quality sewing time.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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