Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Finish of the Year

Here's a pic of the first finish from my list.

That's Gigdet, the quilt inspector. This was a block of the month at Gee Gee's Quilting that was from, can you believe, 2003. I finally quilted it.

Here's another client quilt that I finished today.

 This is sideways, but it's another 1600 quilt and I did a panto called Wave on Wave. (Note: the next 2 quilts after this one, that I will work on, are 1600 quilts also.)

The pics aren't the greatest cause these are from my phone. This is the only way I can post pics right now. I'm havng a problem with inserting from files as it won't bring up the "Browse" button on the insert screen.

I've also been working on the new Block of the Month for out at Gee Gee's that will start in March. It's called Saturday Soiree, and it is beautiful, but a LOT of piecing. I'm trying to get this done so we can hang it as a sample in the shop. When I have it done I will post pics.

Until later.
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. I really like your BOM quilt, beautiful!

  2. Hi, at last you have finished it and a beautiful quilt too.