Wednesday, April 30, 2014

End of the Month Catch Up!

I can't believe this month is already over with. It has been a very busy month for me.
The first week I had a quilt show to vend at. Then the following week I taught at a Quilt Retreat. I had one week off to try to make more inventory and quilt a client quilt before I was off again this past weekend to vend at another quilt show.
While I was at this last quilt show I was a very bad girl. The town has a lot of yard sales going on. One of them started really early in the morning so I had time to stop before going to the show. I found a Singer 99 in a cabinet. Well, it came home with me.

I was able to get it in my van along with all the inventory.
Next, we spent the night with a super, super, super good friend after we packed up from the show. (We stay the night with her so we don't have to drive over the pass at night-----scary!!!!) When we got there she said she had something for one of us (either Linda or myself) but we would have to fight over who got it cause she only had one. Well---since I had the keys to the van (my van) guess who got the gift LOL.  Here it is.

A lovely little lightweight SewMor by Necchi.
After leaving our friends house the next morning, we decided to stop for lunch in a small town. As we pulled off the highway we noticed a "Estate Sale" sign and decided to stop. Welllllllll, guess what?
This was sitting there looking for a home.

How could I resist?
We managed to fit everything in the van, but it was totally loaded to the back door.

So now, I hope, everything will go back to normal. I have really got to knuckle down and get busy on client quilts. They are stacked to the rafters (well, almost). Next Monday I'm back out at the LQS for Block of the Month.

This weekend I will update the Stash Report (failed miserably on not getting new fabric). That's another story.

Well until next time,
Hugs & Stitches,

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  1. to Funny -- I just got a 99 as well but mine is in a carry case. I got her all fixed up last night and running great. hope you have good luck with all of yours.