Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Piggy Bank Challenge Final

                                                               Val's Quilting Studio

Well a year has come and gone and it's time to fess up about how much I managed to save up in my piggy bank jar.

After counting everything, I ended up with $79.00 in bills and $83.37 in coins for a grand total of $162.37. So I guess I'm not a millionaire yet :-(. But that's okay. This is what I call my "found" money, which means I can spend it any way I want. When I first joined at the beginning of this, I thought I would maybe use the money for a vintage machine to add to the collection. Actually, I'm not going to do that now. I will be doing a little traveling shortly and I think I will use this to add to the Row by Row Hop that is going on right now. I already have Quilt Shops marked on my travels.

To see everyone else's reports, stop by Val's Quilting Studio. Why not sign up for this next year's challenge while you're at it. You can sign up for it starting Sunday, July 12th. I know I will be doing it again. I'm going to try to better my goal next year and see if I can get closer to that million mark :-).

Til later.
Hugs & Stitches,

P.S. If you want to learn more or get info on the Row by Row click HERE.

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  1. LOL!! Mary you saved about as much as me...but hey if you figure out a way to hit the millions let me know! I'm using mine for a road trip too!! It will be fun to have our mad cash! See ya Sunday for next years sign-ups!