Monday, February 6, 2017

week 5 progress

I will start on Tuesday since I got back from retreat on Monday.

Tuesday-NOTHING done today. I sat down this morning after going for my walk and ended up taking a four hour nap. I blame it all on my dog and cat. They held me down and wouldn't let me get up and get to work.

Wednesday-this was a errand day. First went to the bank to get money to take to the place that I am having restore my project car. Came back through Yelm so I could drop off the new BOM quilt so they could get that hung. After getting home and having lunch, we left again to go to credit union, storage unit, Tractor Supply and Walmart. By the time we got home I had had it. Tomorrow it's back to the salt mines.

Thursday-BQB came over and we went for our walk. Came home and started in. I started working on a mini that is for the Mini of the Month Club at the LQS. Then I pressed all the leader and enders I had done at the ocean retreat. I mad a back for the cat fishing quilt finished from the weekend and started building a back for the frog quilt. I ran out of the leftovers so I need to find something that will go with it to finish out the back.

Friday-run around day. Went to Costco. That in itself is a half day project. Loaded and started  on 2015 BOM Alternate from Gee Gee's.

Saturday-buckled down and finished up my quilt that was on the longarm. Loaded client quilt and got it quilted.

That's it for now.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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