Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 7& 8 Progress

Let's see if I got any more productive this week.

Sunday-came down and decided since I had given my 1200 a spa day yesterday, I really needed to make him a cover that fit better. So here it is.

 I found a fabric from 1992. It was time.
Then I spent an hour doing some folding and straightening of fabric. Some even went into the bag that I have set aside for a lady that I give scraps and fabric to that makes charity quilts. I'm trying to get tough with myself and be realistic as to what I will really use in this lifetime.
I also got a client quilt loaded after lunch.

Monday-out at LQS for the Mini of the Month club. Also came home with 4 more quilts to do.

Tuesday-Started out doing the hour cleaning thing. Got some fabrics folded and sorted. Some went into the donation bag to the lady I donate to. Cut out 5 Reach for a Cure totes so I can work on those on Thursday during the Paws to Sew meeting. Moved some of my unquilted tops to the closet in the spare bedroom so I could use those shelves I cleaned off for the fabric that I have been folding. At least until I can go through the main shelving of fabric and weed out some of that. Then DH took me out for Linner (Lunch/Dinner). He also got me an Open Heart Pendant for Valentine's Day. Such a sweetie!

Wednesday-this morning  did some cleaning and straightening upstairs for the meeting tomorrow. Then I came down and set up a couple of machines to be used at meeting. Also made sure everything was pretty much in it's place for tomorrow.

Thursday-meeting day. First BQB & I went for our walk. Stopped at JoAnn's cause she needed some things. Came back had lunch and then the meeting started. I did work on the totes.

At this point I have forgotten some of the rest of the week and we are well into the following week so I will summarize the rest.

I finished the client quilt that I had loaded on. Then I started making a couple of pillow shams for another quilt I have to finish off for another client. Got those finished and loaded on her quilt. This is going to take a while. It measures 108" x 126".

I also have been doing some "frankenbatting". This is joining batting scraps to make bigger pieces. I use these in some of my smaller items I make for the craft show I do.

I have also made more "crumb blocks". Finished up 3 Scrapcatchers for inventory. In between, DH and I went and had taxes done. Yay!

I know I'm forgetting some of the things I did but----------.
In the evenings I have worked a little on hand stuff, such as Vintage Tin and other things for inventory.

Well I guess that's it for now.

Til Later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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