Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week 6 progress

Well I got some things accomplished this week, but I think I could have done better. Just have to push myself and get off my lazy you know what.

Sunday-loaded another client quilt and got it done. Gathered stuff to take out to the LQS tomorrow.
Finished sewing the binding down on my quilt I finished Saturday.

Monday-no LQS today. Yesterday we got a foot of snow and they are closed today to keep everyone safe. Wouldn't you know----the first time in forever that I had my S*** together with  everything ready to go and it's cancelled. Oh well. I guess better safe than sorry.

Tuesday-7:30 AM dentist appointment. Came home and started quilting one of my quilts. I told myself, this year, I'm going to do one of my quilts after every second client quilt. Also did a little embroidery work in the evening.

Wednesday-slow start to the day. Took Tessa to get her nails trimmed. Went downstairs and started writing up the pattern for the new block of the month that starts the first of March. Nothing like deadlines :-).

Thursday-BQB came over and we walked. came back and went to work. I finished trimming up some small pieces for the Mini of the Month Club. I also finished up the mini. Then I worked on some small zipper pouches I'm making for inventory for shows.

Friday-spent all day on finishing writing up the Block of the Month pattern.

Saturday-Came down and really wanted to do some of my stuff instead of loading a client quilt. I started by finishing the last two zipper pouches I didn't do on Thursday. Then I decided I had put off servicing one of my machines long enough. After all it is one of my favorites to sew on. Sooooo, I spent some time giving my 1200-1 a spa treatment. Then I changed out a Mocha 301 in a cabinet that I had picked up when we were on vacation last year. I had picked up a LBOW 301 (two toned) at retreat in October and I wanted to put it in that cabinet. Got that all taken care of. Also traced out a couple of small embroideries I want to have on hand as  hand sewing projects in the evening. I guess I'll fit them in in between Vintage Tin, Snowflake hexies and a couple of other projects I've got going. Ha, ha.

Well that wraps up this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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