Saturday, January 3, 2015

A New Project

I think I've gotten myself into something here, and no, it isn't a sewing project.
It's not like I haven't enough to do with making inventory for the shows I vend at, or quilting quilts for clients (don't even get to my own). Not to mention classes I teach at the local LQS, or machine repair that I'm getting into. You would think that that would keep me busy. RIGHT????? Oh noooooo. I had to start something else.

Since hubby has retired he has been working on building a Rat Rod (hot rod). He started out with a 1920 Model TT (classified as a one ton truck).  He has stripped it down to the frame and is totally rebuilding it. Here's some shots of it.

Now this gave me an itch. For years, when I was a younger and more foolish type, I fell in love with my uncles car. I told him if he ever wanted to sell it I wanted it. He told me that it was going to his youngest son when he was ready to get rid of it. I've always remembered that car and to this day wish I had it. It was a mid 1960's Ford Falcon Ranchero. If memory serves me correctly, I believe it was a 1964. Also, back then my brother had a 1963 Falcon (not a Ranchero) with a 289 4 speed that I loved driving. Do you know where I'm going with this? Well, guess what I bought? It definitely needs to be restored, but the body is in good condition and the rest is do-able.

These pics were taken were it was sitting where we went to look at it. It should be home in the garage in a couple of weeks. Then the restoration should begin. It is a 1963 Falcon Ranchero, 6 cylinder 3 speed. I have to decide if I want to drop in a 289 (but at my (ahem) age----do I want a 4 speed?) You bet I do, but let's get practical :-). Anyway, this is my new baby. Of course it will be painted RED!!!!
Is there any other color?

Well, that's my ramble for today. I know it hasn't anything to do with sewing, but I just had to share.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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