Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/16 through 8/22 Progress

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. I did absolutely nothing.

Monday-worked downstairs all day on the wedding quilt. I am at the stage now where by Wednesday I should be able to load it on the longarm. Not too much longer now and it will be DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Yay.

Tuesday-my friend Vickie and I went to do some more Row by Rowing. We only hit 3 shops today. Only 1 held any interest for us. The other 2 just didn't have anything that made our hearts go pitter patter. One of the stores that we went in to, I asked for the plates and kit for the RxR and was told that they didn't order any plates and they didn't make any kits. The pattern just has  the drawing for the applique and no instructions for cutting the size of background.

Wednesday-Hurray!!!!!! Got final borders on the wedding quilt. Then DH and I ran some errands. Got home and finished up all 50 of the Tea Bag Wallets that I was making for inventory for shows.

Thursday-today is the day for our quilting groups picnic. Before I go, I have to pick up the Singer 185J that I won on Shopgoodwill site.

Large Picture

I am soooooo bad!

Friday-well I finished Scrappy Trips that I had on the LA. Applied the binding to the front. Now to hand stitch it to the back. Also loaded the "Wedding Quilt" (remember that one that has been on my back for a while now). Here are pics of both sides of this thing.

I am about half finished with the quilting on it. I hope to finish it up tomorrow and then start on the binding. After that I should be able to send it off the first of the week. Hurray!!!!!!

Saturday-Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I got it done. Well as far as the quilting. Took it off the machine, trimmed it up and put the binding on one side. (This is the wedding quilt I'm so happy about.) I will go upstairs now and start sewing down the binding. I will not get done tonight, but will finished it up Sunday morning. Now to get paid and get it sent off. Whew!

That's it for this week.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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