Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/2 thru 8/8 Progress

Let's see-----
Sunday I worked out in my garden. I had ordered some Iris bulbs and they came in so I had to clean up a spot in the garden. I had sort of let it go, so I had lots of weeds to pull. Got those planted and then came in to get stuff ready for my class the next day at the LQS.

Monday I was out at the LQS all day for the Block of the Month. I also saw an old friend that use to come to our monthly group at my house. She had quit coming years ago because  things got a little too much being a caretaker for her Mom and Stepdad. Things have changed now and I think she may be coming back to the group. I am sooooooo hyped. Hope she does return. She was like a very, very bright spot in the group.

Tuesday must have been something else because my mind is a blank. I have no idea what I did Tuesday.

Wednesday the hubby and I worked on the Iris bed in the front yard. I really needed to thin things out as I hadn't done anything to this bed for years. I got things dug up and thinned out. Extra bulbs were divided into 4 bags to go to friends that said they would like some bulbs. I have one bag left to deliver when I go out to the LQS on Monday.

Thursday was sewing day with BQB. I started out with getting caught up on a  Mystery Quilt that both of us are doing. It's the one in Quiltmaker magazine. We both needed to get part 3 done before we get the next issue. Then I put the borders on a 5 yard Seahawk quilt. I also made the 2 blocks needed for our PTS challenge we have going.

Friday was a lost day on getting anything done. I had all good intentions of working in the dungeon but a yard ale caught my eye. I went to the sale but didn't really find anything. On the way home I saw a community sale so I walked around that. Found a couple of little item. The rest of the day was spent doing a little of this and a little of that and an afternoon nap. I won't do that again as I laid in bed until 2 AM trying to go to sleep.

Saturday my friend Vickie and I went to an Artisan's Market taking place in the parking lot of Shipwreck Beads. We didn't find anything at the market, but we did buy some stuff at Shipwreck.

That's about it for this week.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,

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