Saturday, January 11, 2014

Progress 1-5 thru 1-11

I must say, this week I got nothing, nada, zilch done.
DH was out of town for a week. You would think I would lock myself in the "black hole" and get some work done. Wellllllll- Monday was a day long stint at the LQS for BOM. Then I was back there again on Wednesday for a Beginning Quilt class.

Now let me just say this-- we have lived here in this house for 24 years. We are empty nesters and we have a 3 bedroom house. Needless to say the 2 spare bedrooms have become something of a storage spot for stuff (quilt show inventory, stuff put there while we did a remodel of the kitchen and  living room, treadmill and just junk or junque if you want to get fancy). Well I figured since he was gone I could clean out the rooms undisturbed. Boy was that a JOB. (I even emptied the closets.) Oh, and then I had to take DS out to where DH was on Friday (4 hour round trip) so he could help him finish up the job he was doing. Friends of our bought a place at the ocean and DH was doing some tile work for them. Sew, I may have not gotten anything in the way of sewing done, but I got a jump start on my spring cleaning :-).

At least on the Stash Report for the week I can report:

Fabric added this week:  0
Year to Date:  0
Fabric used this week:  0
Year to date:  21

Total used:  21 yards
Linking up to Judy L for this report.

As a postscript to my previous post (about the power outage). Game over at 4:30---power came on at 4:30. I think it was a conspiracy:-).

That's it for now.
Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. Getting rid of unused/unwanted/unneeded stuff makes your whole home feel better. It is a lot of work, and the decisions to keep or toss are sometimes tough to make. Hope you will be able to find some time for quilting this week.

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