Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Val's Piggy Bank Challenge #4

                                                                 Val's Quilting Studio

This will be the fourth year for the challenge. I am going to try to out do my last count. Although I think I did pretty good this last year. I need to buy more winning scratch tickets. If I win anything greater that $10.00 that goes into the bank. Only thing is I don't but that many.

I think this year I will put money towards something quilty. I should have my car done by then (LOL). If I can save A LOT--who knows, I might get a new embroidery machine. Shoot for the moon, I say.

If you want to participate, sign up HERE. Let's see if we can get a record amount of participants in on this.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. I was thinking how I could "manipulate" my piggy savings to buy an embroidery machine too! So glad you signed up for year 4 Mary! And welcome to any of your followers...stop by and join us. Val:)

    1. HI Mary! Hi Shauna! I hope your are getting ready to count your change....we post and link our savings on July 6th!!! :) :)