Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Piggy Bank Challenge

                                                                   How's Your Savings??

It has been a year since this one started. I decided that I would use what I had saved for my car funds. Even though I managed to save quite a little bit, it's not going to go far in the car fund. We took my car down at the end of April to begin the restoration process. Oh boy!!!! Hopefully I should get it back by the end of July or first part of August. I think I just bought a house (lol). Of course it didn't help that I decided to take out the 6 cylinder and put in a 289. That caused a land slide of changing out A LOT! When it is done, believe me, I will post some (a lot) of pics. Right now here are some pics of what it looks like now.

We are basically at the stage now of getting it all put back together. It has had the final primer put on. Now it's getting the engine and transmission in. The interior should be painted by this week. I think they're working on the interior (seats, door panels, etc.). Once everything is back together it will get the paint on the body. I'm hoping to have this by the end of the month or first part of August. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, the grand total from my jar is $307.98. I think that pays for one of the wheels, HA, HA.
Every little bit helps, right?

If you want to see what everyone has done with their windfall go HERE. This will take you to Val's Quilting Studio. If we do this again think about joining. It is fun to plan what you'll buy with your savings.

Til later,
Hugs & Stitches,


  1. Okay now fun to learn about your and your car hobby! Seriously, $307 i need to get better at my own challenge! LOL!!!!! I'll be looking forward to a picture of you in that baby when it's done...maybe splurge and upgrade your interior with your savings??? So fun!!!

  2. Wow! Congratulations on your savings. What a fun project to spend it on.

  3. $307 is very impressive! Only thing more impressive is that sweet project you are going to spend it on. Can't wait to see this finish!

  4. That is a wonderful amount, and I'm sure you will find good use for it, even if it isn't for your car.